Communication Masterclass

Tuesday, July 25, 2023- 7PM EST

Communication Virtual Masterclass live with Ken Hartl

Understand yourself in a unique way you may never have done before. In this masterclass, Ken Hartley, a certified Human Behavioral Specialist in the DISC model of human behavior will give you the keys that unlock why we process the way we do. Think about this: If you understanding yourself better and you understand the people around you better, doesn’t it make sense that you’ll get along better with each other? This class will deliver powerful communication secrets that will fundamentally change the way you relate to yourself and others for the rest of your life.

Ken teaching a Communication Masterclass in Tampa, Florida

July 25, 2023- 7 PM EST

This class will be virtual via Zoom LIVE with Ken. To register for this class, go to  This class is normally $497 per person. Use code “FSAE” at checkout and it will be FREE for you. Space is limited. Sign up now!

Ken’s ability to interpret behavioral assessments made a huge difference in our company. I couldn’t recommend his communication program highly enough for you and your organization! It was amazing! -Todd Gaither, Tandem Finan

Teaching DISC principles to leaders in Chattanooga, Tennessee.