DISC Two Day Seminar

2 days can lead you to a better understanding of others and YOU

Chris Rollins is a Master Trainer with Personality Insights and an expert in the DISC Behavior Model. Listen to what he has to say about Ken teaching the DISC principles to your team.

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2 Days can lead you to a transformation in the way you communicate with others for the rest of your life!

In this 2 day session (perfect for a weekend retreat!) your team will better learn how to understand each other in a fun and interactive way through the DISC model of behavior. For the last 50 years the DISC model has been hailed as one of the clearest methods to understanding the different personality types and how they interact.

The first day of this session is spent in some fun, interactive exercises to introduce the DISC model to your team. The second day is spent taking the assessment, doing some interactive case studies, and then learning on how leadership and communication are impacted by each unique personality type (there are actually 42 of them!). This 2 day training is often described as transformative in the way teams communicate and produce.

Seminar lasts for 2 hours on the first night and 8 hours on the 2nd day. (Breaks are built in) Click the button below to contact Ken and get per person pricing.

To learn more about what DISC is, just click here.