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Professional. Inspirational. Entertaining. Transformational.

Ken has been an emcee and keynote speaker for all sorts of large events, seminars, and fund raisers all over the world.

When Ken comes to speak for your organization, his goal is for your time together to be:

  • Inspirational
  • Professional
  • Integrous
  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Transformational

Call him today and schedule him to bring inspiration, education, transformation, and a little prestidigitation to your event!

When you book Ken, you can rest assured, knowing you’re bringing in a true professional with over 25 years of stage time who has spoken all over the world. He delivers high energy, quality entertainment combined with transformative content that leaves audiences with an incredible, life-changing experience. Please watch the brief video below:

If you need a professional, engaging, and motivational speaker, then you need to call Ken Hartley. I’ve hosted many events, and Ken has by far been one the best I've worked with!

The last two events I hosted were for two large groups—one at an arena and the other for 13,000 high school students that was live-streamed to over 450 schools across the USA. Having a speaker that can engage, entertain, and captivate large crowds is essential. He had the audience on the edge of their seats—from professionals at the arena to high school students— he was engaging until the end.

Ken Hartley is a true professional who was easy to work with and produced great results for my events. I will definitely book him again and you should too!

Marie Cosgrove
Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Radio Host on 44 AM/FM stations throughout the USA and Internationally

*Standard Room & AV Requirements:*

  • LCD Projector and Screen
  • HDMI input for Ken’s laptop
  • A wireless headset mic. A lavalier mic would be the second choice.
  • 1/8 audio input jack (headphone jack) for Ken to patch into the house sound.
  • 2 Bottles of room temperature water.
  • 6-Foot skirted table placed in a high traffic area.
  • Someone affiliated with your organization to help with orders at the table.

(Optional!) A camera on stage that is connected to a large screen for image magnification for your audience. It could be used to show close up illusions to the entire audience. This is not a requirement, but if it’s available, please let Ken know so he can blow your audience’s minds even more!”

*Downloadable Resources:*

*(Permission is granted to use these resources to clients who have booked Ken for promoting the event in which he is appearing)*

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Ken will listen to your needs and any challenges your organization may be facing (or anticipating). He will then customize the presentation of your choosing that best fits your needs.

Available Keynotes Topics

Leadership Illusions

*How to know what real leadership is and overcome obstacles that hold others back.*

We live in a world that says if you can’t see it, it isn’t real. Ken blows that philosophy out of the water visually with some mind-blowing illusions and educationally with some extremely powerful leadership lessons.

This presentation combines the truths of leadership with some entertaining illusions from Ken’s illusion show he’s been doing for the last 30 years. Once you know the truth, you’ll never believe the lies again.

This experience is high entertainment and *high impact*!

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn the truths behind the following leadership illusions:

  • “My title makes me a leader”
  • “Treat everyone the same way”
  • “Improvement comes with age”
  • “I’ve blown it, I can’t be a leader”
  • “Leaders are just born that way”
  • The Illusion of “Tomorrow”
  • “Confidence is the opposite of humility”

Cause and Effect

*Nobody goes to a new level. They only grow to a new level. Learn the causes of what’s keeping you stuck and achieve the effect you’ve always wanted. *

In life we can waste a lot of time focusing on the effect, which is an exercise in futility. The cause is where we must focus in order to grow. Personal growth is paramount and is one of Ken’s passions.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn:

  • Exactly what is holding them back.
  • How to recognize limiting beliefs and overcome them.
  • How to identify the true problems (Hint: it isn’t money!) to achieving your goals.
  • How to get “unstuck”.
  • How to quit settling and start soaring.
  • The laws of personal growth that should never be broken.
  • The “Not Much” Principle.
  • Your most valuable asset.
  • How to break out of their prison and into freedom.


*How to communicate effectively*

Ken is a recognized expert in the field of the DISC Model of Human Behavior, and if you think you’ve heard DISC before—you haven’t until you’ve had Ken do this presentation. It’s high energy, highly interactive, and filled with laughter and engaging activities. Ken was one of twenty experts chosen to author the best-selling compilation book “Discover Your Team’s Potential.”

Many participants leave this session raving about how they finally understand themselves and others they work with in ways they never have before. This session helps them understand themselves and their co-workers and families in an incredible way which results in better productivity for the organization.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn how:

  • To understand before trying to be understood.
  • To overcome the enemy of assumption.
  • To listen to what others are *truly* saying.
  • To recognize what people are communicating… *when they’re not talking*.
  • To understand the 4 basic temperaments.
  • To speak the 4 basic languages of each temperament.
  • To speak and listen reflectively.
  • To take what they’ve heard and apply and implement it *immediately.*


*Get ready for a transformation! *

In this keynote, Ken talks about his own personal journey from being overweight, broke, and unsuccessful to literally transforming every area of his life in 12 months. Through a transparent telling of his own journey, he connects and inspires the individuals in your organization to dig deeper inside themselves than they previously ever have. 12 months can make *all* the difference in your life. Let Ken tell you how.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn:

  • How to assess where they are without imploding.
  • The most important education a person can receive.
  • How to overcome “crabby” naysayers in your life.
  • How to recognize mistakes as your best friend instead of your enemy.
  • What a scarcity mindset is and how to overcome it.
  • How to eliminate excuses from your life.
  • How to implement a workable template to transform themselves in every area of their life.

Book Ken For Your Next Event

Ken will listen to your needs and any challenges your organization may be facing (or anticipating). He will then customize the presentation of your choosing that best fits your needs.

Available Breakout Session Topics

As You Grow, So It Goes

*The most important thing you’ll ever work on is yourself. Find out how!*

Ken has been a student of personal growth all of his life. He has read 100’s of books and been to dozens of seminars on the topic. Additionally, he has spent time learning from some of the greatest personal growth experts in the industry and he’s going to pass this information along to you.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of personal growth
  • How to make all the money you’ve wanted to make
  • The 10 keys to personal growth
  • How to establish daily routines
  • How small actions lead to large results with the magic ingredient
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs

Better Communication = Better Sales

*What you’re selling isn’t what you think you’re selling*

Ken uses communication neurolinguistics and the four temperaments to help your team achieve new productivity in sales. The biggest obstacle to effective sales is communication. Most often, what we think we’re saying is *not* what our clients are actually hearing.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn:

  • The basics of the four temperaments
  • How each temperament communicates
  • How each temperament responds to sales
  • How our body language speaks louder than our words
  • The two simple questions to identify a client’s needs.
  • How to connect with anybody
  • What people are actually buying, regardless of what the product is

Writing 101

*Ken breaks down the basic checklists of writing a book*

Ken has authored many books. Some he has co-authored, one has been part of a compilation, and others he has written on his own. He has self-published and published his books online as well as physical hard copies.

Writing a book can seem daunting to some and to others impossible. Ken will break it all down into bite sized achievable steps.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn:

  • How to come up with 5 ideas for your own books
  • How to MindMap a book project
  • How to organize the layout of a book
  • How to get your artwork completed
  • How to get your book edited.
  • How to make your book interesting so people will actually want to read it.
  • How to overcome writer’s block

Pursuing Your Passion

*How to find your passion and pursue it*

You know what it’s like. You exist in a job and you know it isn’t your passion. You have a dream but it seems so far out there that its unattainable. You feel stuck and there is no relief in sight.

Get ready! Ken is about to show you how you can shatter the concrete your feet appear to be stuck in and how you can move into the life you’ve always wanted. Your dream is waiting on you.

*Learning Objectives*

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify their true passion
  • Dream bigger dreams
  • Effectively set and reach their goals
  • How to overcome “crabby” people
  • The 7 biggest obstacles holding you back and how to overcome each one.
  • Grow into your life’s purpose

Book Ken For Your Next Event

Ken will listen to your needs and any challenges your organization may be facing (or anticipating). He will then customize the presentation of your choosing that best fits your needs.