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Let Ken come add value to your organization

Thank you for your interest in having Ken speak to your organization. He exists to add value and the meet the needs of each individual client. He will listen to your needs and any challenges your organization may be facing (or anticipating). He will then customize the presentation of your choosing that best fits your needs. 


His topics range from leadership to communication and from personal growth to understanding the different personality types. Some of his presentations incorporate his skills as an illusionist. 

Click on the "Book Ken" button and fill out the contact form with the desired date you're wanting to book him. We will contact you very soon. 

Ken speaking at the International Maxwell Certification with Dr. John C. Maxwell in 2017.

Ken is looking forward to appearing at your next event and adding value to you. Simply click the button below and we will be in touch soon. 

Available Keynotes


Leadership Illusions

This is one of Ken's most requested presentations. It combines his skill as an illusionist with his expertise in leadership. It exposes leadership myths often embraced by individuals and organizations and tells the truth of how to overcome each obstacle.

We will explore such leadership illusions as:
- Position makes me a leader.
- Leadership is hereditary
- Ignore it, it'll get better.
- Talent makes me worthy of leadership. 

This presentation is fun, astonishing, and informative.

45 to 90 Minutes, depending on the client's needs

Communication Obstacles

Ken identifies the major obstacles in effective communication and exactly how to overcome each one. With a couple of illusions thrown in to illustrate the points, this presentation combines humor and powerful illustrations to improve your organization's communication skills. It covers topics like: 

- True Listening
- Understand first. Be understood later. 
- Assumption is your Enemy
- Connect before you Correct

The presentation is 45 to 75 minutes depending on the individual client's needs.  

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Keys to Success

Success can seem elusive. Ken gives you the keys to unlock the pathway to success in your organization and individually. He covers topics like: 

- As you grow, so it goes. 

- The Opposite Principle

- The "Not Much" Principle
- Mistakes are your Best Friends

Many of these principles come from Ken being mentored by John Maxwell and the ideals he embodies and teaches. 

30-60 Minutes depending on the client's individual needs. 

Models of Behavior

90% of all conflict can be traced to a lack of understanding of personality types and how they communicate and work together. This presentation covers the DISC model of behavior with over 50 years of solid research behind it. This entertaining and humorous overview outlines:

- The Four Personality Types

- How Each Personality Type Processes

- How each Personality Type Communicates

- How to Communicate with Each Personality Type

This presentation is fun and interactive and will leave your organization with a better understanding of other people and themselves. 

120 Minutes

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Ken can and will customize each presentation to your individual needs. He is looking forward to adding value to your organization. Fill out the contact form and we'll be back in touch with you very soon. 

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