What is a Master Mind Group?

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Available Master Mind Resources

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is Ken's personal favorite of the John Maxwell books. Your personal growth will determine how far you go. This 8 week Master Mind Group will discuss how we can apply these laws to our lives and grow in every area. Personal growth always moves us closer to our destiny.

Whether you're a long time personal growth student or just beginning the journey, this group is for you. 

8 Group Sessions

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

So many conflicts in our personal and professional lives can be traced back to a lack of communication. In this group, we find out that communication goes far beyond our words. We will discover how to truly connect with people one on one, in groups, and even in larger settings.

John Maxwell said if there was only one skill he could develop as a leader it would be communication.

6 Group Sessions

Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

John Maxwell's classic book has been updated by John in 2017. The book is 89% new and contains the definitive 101 course on how to become a leader. During this 8 week group discussion, you'll understand what a leader truly is and how to develop each characteristic of a leader for maximum influence. 

Whether you're just starting the leadership journey or whether you're an experienced leader, this course will move you to the next level. 

All of the other John Maxwell books build on the principles in this book. It's a great starting point for any leader.


8 Group Sessions

Becoming a Person of Influence

"Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less." -- Dr. John Maxwell

In this 6 week discussion group, you'll learn how a leader increases their influence to propel others into their destiny. Many John Maxwell Team members consider this their favorite book and when you go through the material you'll understand why. 

As your influence goes, so goes your leadership. Let this group take your influence to a new level. 

6 Group Sessions

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

As we're growing up, we're often taught to avoid mistakes. But mistakes can be our best friends if we learn from them. In this book, John Maxwell helps us understand how to face our mistakes, learn from them, and use them to launch us into who we were always supposed to be. 

In this group we'll learn how to overcome our mistakes and press into a brighter future. 

6 Group Sessions

Intentional Living

The only thing that happens naturally to us is things decay. Nothing consistently positive happens in our lives without setting our intention. If you want to improve your life and live your dreams then you have to have a plan. 

In this Intentional Living group discussion we'll discover how to set our life plan and how to intentionally live it out. The life you want is right in front of you. 

John Maxwell will tell you this is the most important book he's written. 

6 Group Sessions

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

The key to the right answers is asking the right questions. In this discussion group we'll discuss the right questions to ask.

This is one of the most important books Dr. John Maxwell has ever done. Take time to increase your communication and understanding with this 6 week group. 

6 Group Sessions

Today Matters

"Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays it." -- Albert Einstein. 

Just like money compounds, so does our daily activities, either for good or bad. When we intentionally make today what it should be, our future will have greater meaning and be more of what we truly want in life. 

6 Group Sessions

A word from Paul Martinelli, President of The John Maxwell Team on Ken's recent Master Mind Group on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

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