Illusions Volume 1


This 2 DVD set features the best of Ken’s large stage illusion shows from 2003-2006. It features effects like the Newspaper, Levitating an audience member, the Money Game, The Table of Death, and the Car Disappearance. Bonus Disc includes footage of Ken’s European Tour, some promotional clips, the 2006 Show opener, as well as Ken teaching an incredible Card Trick.


Illusions Volume 2


This 2 DVD set features highlights from Ken’s 2009 large stage show. Effects include: The Elevator, The Fan, See Through Sawing a Woman in Half, The Spirit Cabinet, Metamorphosis, and Ken’s signature effect: Snow. Bonus Disc includes footage of Ken’s tour of Brazil, performing Metamorphosis on National TV, the Strait Jacket Escape, as well as Ken teaching the classic illusion: The Cut and Restored Rope.


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Illusions Volume I and II Bundle

  • Because there are illusion effects revealed on these DVD's, all opened DVD's are non returnable. If either of your DVD's is defective and will not play, simply contact us and we will promptly replace it with a new one. 

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