Do you have a dream? Do you feel you've fulfilled your purpose on this earth? Some people don't know what their dream is. Others do and haven't fulfilled it. In this 6 week discussion group, we'll discuss the specific ways to identify your true dream and calling in life and how to take practical and specific steps to fulfill it. If you have a dream you've buried or thought just can't come to pass or if you're not sure what that dream is, this group will benefit you.

Price includes the book and 6 teaching and group sessions.

Put Your Dream To the Test Master Mind Group

  • If after 2 sessions in the Master Mind Group you are not completely satisfied and do not feel you are receiving added value, you may receive a full refund of your group free, provided you return your book unmarked and in new condition. Books not returned in new condition will result in a $25 charge. 

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