This book gives you incredible information about you and others using the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Written by Dr. Robert Rohm, an expert in human behavior, and the head of Personality Insights, this book will inform and inspire. The foreward of this book is written by Dexter R. Yager, Sr. He says that each of us has been born with certain gifts, and we have acquired other skills to help us through life. But no one has it all. The good news is that we can learn whatever skills we are lacking for success with others. This book will show you how you can grow to become all you were meant to be and how to adapt and adjust your personality style to become a more effective servant and leader. This book covers in-depth information on personality blends (utilizing of all 4 personality styles to a greater or lesser degree) and interaction with other styles (combinations), how to manage & encourage people based on needs for results personally and in your career. Illustrates 29 personality blends- pages 256-324. (Topics include: value, ideal environment, under pressure, motivating and areas for improvement).


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Who Do you Think You Are Anyway Book by Dr. Robert Rohm


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