Leadership Illusions



We live in a world of illusion. Our eyes are lying to us every day of our lives. While many of these illusions are fun to witness, in the realm of leadership, a person living in a world of illusion can find themselves quickly out of business. Leadership Illusions will clearly outline twenty-one common illusions and help you see the reality of true leadership in a transformative way. Through stories, quotes, and illustrations, Ken Hartley pulls back the curtain on how real leaders lead with excellence and shows you where the smoke and mirrors are and how to avoid the pitfalls so prevalent in the world today. Ken Hartley is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and a transformation agent. He lives to help organizations and individuals unlock their potential in the areas of personal growth, communication, and leadership.

It is entertaining to watch an illusionist perform on stage, even though you usually know that things aren’t really as they appear. Unfortunately, far too many people have learned the art of leadership by watching others, without realizing that the things they were taught about leadership are also an illusion. It might be fun when watching a show, but it can create a disaster when trying to lead a team.

Ken is a dynamic leader as well as a seasoned Illusionist. In this book, he masterfully weaves you through a series of “Leadership Illusions” that hold so many people back from achieving their true potential as a leader. Then he helps you develop your action steps to begin to build your leadership on solid principles while leaving the “illusions” for the show! Get it, read it, apply it!

– *Chris Rollins*, Rollins Performance Group

Master Trainer, DISC Model of Human Behavior


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