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OutOfTheDarkness-Cropped Cover

out of The Darkness

James Miller is about to see of all of his business dreams come true. He and the company he founded are on the verge of tremendous success, but a silent killer behind the scenes is influencing key people in the company and will soon transform the destinies of everyone connected to it. Depression affects millions of people every year. In this heartwarming fictional story, the authors who brought you Hidden Treasures will help you learn about how each person deals with depression in different ways and how to find a pathway to healing.

God Wired Cover

God Wired

Your DNA is unique. While there are certain common characteristics that you share with all humans, somehow billions of people on the planet, no one has the same set of fingerprints as you.

God Wired book mockup 2

God Wired- Signed By Both Authors

Your DNA is unique. While there are certain common characteristics that you share with all humans, somehow billions of people on the planet, no one has the same set of fingerprints as you.

Leadership Illusions Cover.jpg

Leadership Illusions

Ken exposes 21 common illusions in the area of leadership and how to overcome each one with the truth. The book has entertaining and inspirational stories about well known historical figures as well as his own entertaining personal anecdotes. This is a must have for leaders in every organization.

Leadership Illusions Essential Bundle

The Leadership Illusions Essential BUNDLE

This bundle contains everything you need to up-level your leadership journey.

Here is what you get:

– The Leadership Illusions Book  ($20)
– The Leadership Illusions Workbook ($25)
– The Leadership Illusions Essential Lessons ($497) Audio Series(4 CD set with over 3 hours of teaching on the 21 Illusions, 10 Leadership Mistakes, and the 22nd Leadership Illusion- available exclusively on this audio)
– As You Grow So It Goes personal growth audio ($60) (55 minutes of teaching on personal growth)
– Your Choice Illusion ($20) (A mind-blowing illusion with a powerful message for our lives)
– INSTANT Online access to Ken’s video lessons from the Essential Leadership Lessons ($997)

This bundle is valued at over $1600. You get it today and up-level your leadership journey like never before for only $997.

Leadership Illusions Workbook

This is the companion workbook to Ken’s book, Leadership Illusions– 21 Things People Believe About Leadership That Are Not True. This workbook makes the perfect addition for those wanting a deeper dive into the lessons in the book. It contains discussion questions to stimulate conversations and help each person think in a deeper way about their own leadership skills. It is perfect for mastermind groups and discussion groups looking to up-level their leadership journey.

Leadership Illusions Essential Lessons

The Leadership Illusions Essential Lessons contains the expanded teaching from Ken on the following subjects:

– 21 Leadership Illusions
– The 5 Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them (Lunch N Learn)
– The 5 Other Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them
– The 22nd Leadership Illusion (only on this audio series)
– Online access to the teaching videos of this entire series

This set has 4 CDs plus the information on accessing all of this teaching on video on the online platform digitally. It is over three hours of intensive training on leadership and is guaranteed to up-level you and your team in the areas of leadership and personal growth.

Your Choice Illusion

“Your Choice” is an easy to perform illusion that has a high impact and a relevant message for all of us today in the areas of leadership, personal growth, and communication. Everything you need to perform the illusion is included, as well as a special link to Ken teaching the secrets of how to perform it as well as a short lesson on each choice and why they matter in our lives. You can learn to perform this in as little as 5 minutes, but the impact the trick makes is much more far-reaching.

DiscoverYourTeamsPotential_cover2 (1).jp

Discover Your Team’s Potential

Ken was selected as one of 20 experts in the field of the DISC Model of human behavior to write a chapter on how to recognize and communicate with each temperament. If you desire to have a better understanding of yourself and the people you come into contact with every day, then this information will truly help you. This is a compilation book organized by Master DISC Trainer, Chris Rollins, and 20 experts in DISC. This book made the top 10 best seller in Amazon’s Psychology section.


Hymns CD

Ken’s latest CD project, “Hymns” features Ken singing traditional and contemporary settings of twelve of the most beloved hymns of all time. Violin virtuoso Maurice Sklar is featured on this CD as well.

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