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Ken speaks to thousands of people every year on the subjects of leadership, personal growth, and communication.

In his training sessions, he presents powerful principles in a more interactive and fun atmosphere. The sessions are designed to be highly informative while still being inspirational and entertaining.

Ken Hartley recently trained our agents and staff in the DISC model of human behavior. Beyond being incredibly knowledgeable and professional, he was extremely well prepared and *highly* entertaining in his delivery. He kept everyone’s attention the entire time.

Several of my agents had gone through DISC before, but they commented that Ken’s presentation helped them understand the concepts in a much deeper and more profound way. His presentation was not only professional and highly informative, and it was also moving. Several agents had huge “a-ha” moments where they not only understood themselves better, but they also had a new understanding of their clients and even their own families. Our team will be able to communicate with each other and their clients in a more effective way than ever before because of Ken’s presentation. I am happy to recommend him to your team.

Jay Craig
Jay Craig
Team Leader
Keller Williams, Chattanooga
DISC Training

Understand yourself and each other better!

The DISC behavior model has been hailed  as one of the clearest methods of understanding the unique personality styles each  individual possesses and how to communicate with them. There are several training  sessions available below to bring this transformative information to your group. They’ll  never communicate and relate the same way after going through this material! Scroll  own and see the workshops and trainings that are available.

Half Day Workshop

A 2.5 hour intensive but FUN time learning the DISC model. By the end of this session your team will have a solid understanding of their personality blend as well as an understanding of their co-workers and family’s styles.

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Full Day Workshop

A full day of learning and laughter as we study the DISC model. Assessments are done for each participant and special attention is given to the unique methods of  communication for each personality style. Participants will learn to speak each temperament’s special language for more effective communication and productivity.

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2 Day Seminar

A fully immersive plunge into the DISC model. It is beyond fun and interactive. Participants are never the same as they learn who they truly are as well as their team and family. Assessments are done and special emphasis is given on effective  communication and conflict resolution. This two day seminar is transformational!

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"The class you gave on the types of people yesterday was tremendous. Our owner, who gives nobody more than 30 minutes, stayed engrossed the entire 3 hours you were here. Even today, people are still talking about how they never understood how easy it could be to communicate with others once you realize their intent and language types. One man even said he immediately applied what he had just learned with his wife last night and it greatly improved their communication. You have a gift in dealing with people, and I believe God has you exactly where he wants you. Great job Ken!"
Scott Norton
President, Metro Services
“You added a ton of value to our company. Your content was great and made us think of things in a way we hadn’t previously done.”
Teresa Bailey
First Bank
Leadership Training Resources

The Leadership Game

The Leadership Game is a board game that allows everyone to gather around the table and up level their leadership and communication skills. This game, developed by The John Maxwell Team, gets your team communicating in an extremely fun an interactive way.

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Master Mind Group

Synergy: “The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.”

In Master Mind Groups we come together to discuss leadership principles and learn from each other. While there is some teaching, this is principally a discussion group.

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Lunch N Learn

These 30-45 minute times of learning are fun, informative, and challenging. While it is called a “Lunch N Learn” it can most certainly be scheduled at any time of day.

Ken will come to your organization and speak on the topic of your choosing. He customizes each presentation based on the client’s needs, which he evaluates after a brief phone call with each organizer.

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Personal Coaching

To get to where you want to be you need a coach. Almost every person who has succeeded at the highest level in their area of expertise has or still utilizes a coach. Let us help you get to your next level and achieve the goals you’ve always had, but haven’t yet reached.

True coaching isn’t about us telling you what to do or giving you answers. It’s about helping you discover the answers that area already inside you. Let us help you unlock them!

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Book Ken For Your Next Event

Ken will listen to your needs and any challenges your organization may be facing (or anticipating). He will then customize the presentation of your choosing that best fits your needs.